It is possible by the future when the food is new!

Since establishment of a business 1984, I repeat the results from a technical grant in the food production to the production sale of the conditioner for bread to produce.
Company Name SOI Ltd.
Established day 30 March 1984
Representative Director(President) Dr Tetsuji Ishigaki
Capital 3 million yen
Company History
SOI Coopration, founded 30 March 1984 (President Reisaburo Ishigaki)

Capital increased to 3 million (according to Commercial amendment) and renamed from SOI Co.

to SOI Limited on 25 March 1996

Dr. Tetsuji Ishigaki became President on 16 October 2010

Our mission is to establish the technology (as a patent) for the production of new fermented foods,

and is to market the technology to produce fermented foods made recently established.

We have been developing products primarily for bread improvers and healthy foods.
U.S. Patents
  • No. 5,891,492 Fermented sesame having antioxidative properties, and food containing the same
  • No. 6,183,787 Quality improver for use in producing bread